About me

About me

Michael Baumgardt

My two favorit sayings are: "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." The second one is "Only who tries the impossible, will achieve the possible". These two sayings encapsulate very well the quintessence of my personality. 

What I do

UX/UI Design / Web Design & Development / Marketing

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Except for a few years, when I worked as an editor-in-chief/editor for KEYS and SoundCheck and head of a digital department for a major company, my work career has been as a self-employed entrepreneur. Personally, I like the freedom of pursuing any idea that I have without being restricted by somebody else's vision.  

  • Mitomedia Digital Agency, Augsburg

  • Audrey's Pleasure Health Food Snacks, New York

  • Mitomedia Inc.(Design Agency), New York 

  • Michael Baumgardt Publishing, Munich


Art & Design has played a major role in my life. I have studied design at Art School and was an early adopter of Desktop Publishing (designing on Atari computer with Calamus, in 1988). The music magazine KEYS and SoundCheck, that I worked for, was one of the first magazines in Germany that was done with DTP (in Ragtime, later than in QuarkXPress). I even designed the cover and illustrations for the first few editions of KEYS, which even created a little trend in that sector. Prior to that, there were only photos of products on the covers of the magazines. Since KEYS was focused on covering a special subject in each edition, it was difficult to capture this in a photo. How do you come up with a photo idea for a sequencer (which was the subject of the first edition of KEYS)?

After I quit as an editor, I simply went into DTP, because that was really an interesting field. I designed everything from logos, ads, magazines, and books to even clothes (for the fashion label MORE & MORE). Back then I combined my interest in writing and design by authoring my first books on Desktop Publishing and being a writer for PAGE, Germany's most well-known magazine for designers. 

Since I hadn't given up on my dream of becoming a songwriter/composer, I ended up moving to Boston, USA, to study music at Berklee, College of Music. While living in Boston, I worked as the US correspondent for PAGE and was fortunate enough to be at all the keynote speeches of Steve Jobs, after he returned to Apple. 

When the World Wide Web took off, it was clear that this was history in the making

  • Web Design
  • Brand Styles Guides
  • Print Design
  • Photography

2009 / 2012

Writer, Journalist, Editor-in-Chief, Author

Having started out as a freelance writer for SoundCheck, I was offered a job as an editor for a new magazine called KEYS. This keyboard and computer magazine was a high-end magazine, that had a topic in each issue. The first issue was on Sequencers and everybody thought that we could not come up with enough topics to keep this up. However, I was able to always find an interesting subject and it send a trend and other magazines copied us. MiB was my editorial signature for all the articles that I wrote and my colleagues even called me that as a nickname, so no, it is not a reference to Man in Black (Hollywood stole that from me ;). 

  • Writer and Editor for SoundCheck Magazine

  • Creator of the first issue of KEYS and later Editor-in-chief for the magazine

  • Writer and US correspondent for PAGE magazine

  • Book author for ITP International Thompson Publishing, Springer (Heidelber, New York), Addion-Wesley, Pearson Publishing, Peachpit Press, Adobe Press

  • Writer for PrintProcess, the customer magazine of Heidelberger Printing Manufacturer

Since 1981

Music & Electronics

My first passion in life was music. A friend of mine had a KORG Polysix synthesizer and I remember to this day sitting at it and being fascinated by how you could create sounds with it. We both were really learning everything about music electronics, reading the Keyboard magazine and other special interest magazines. It resulted in lifelong friendship and collaboration. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, I was never able to build a career in music. Sometimes I wonder if this would have been different if I was born later. These days bands and musicians have way more possibilities to promote themselves. Back in my days, you had to get signed by a label and that simply wasn't that easy. I still write and record songs as a hobby: one of those projects was a music video that I created from Greta Thunberg's speech (check it out further down on this page). 

  • Studied at Berklee, College of music, in Boston

  • Several band and solo projects

One of my latest music videos

When Greta Thunberg spoke at the Paris National Assembly in 2019, I heard her passion and her devestation. And I could so relate to her. For years I have been trying to fight climate change. After hearing her speech I thought, what this movement needs is a protest song to drive the message home. I used Greta's speech, edited it and use Melodine, to give her voice a little bit of a melody. I wrote and produce the song on a weekend and spend almost an entire week to create this video. My hope was to release this song and then create versions in various languages. Unfortunately the song didn't take off as I had hoped. It would have been a great way of promoting the message. 

My Skills


  • Brand Research
  • Web Design
  • Print Design
  • Illustration
  • Full Corporate Identity


  • B&W and Color
  • Retouching
  • Analogue & Digital


  • Proficient in CSS/LESS
  • Good HTML and PHP skills
  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge

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