Creative Web Design

Creative Web Design, published by Springer Publishing (in Germany in United States)

The book covered everything from HTML, CSS to JavaScript, and Image Optimization. It featured also interviews with the best web designers of their time, including Clement Mok and Mark Crumpacker, who made the term Information Architecture popular in the web design community

My book-writing days have been a while ago, but I am planning on writing a few more books on UX/UI and other subjects like Information Architecture. If you are interested in the new books that I am working on (or my past works), then this is the right place.

UI/UX Design


FontAwesome or Material Design Icons are very popular libraries. If you want to create your own library or simply develop a new set for a client, this book will help you in getting started. At least it will help you to avoid some mistakes, that are commonly made. when doing it for the first time. 

UX/UI Design

Design Systems

Most companies use existing design systems instead of creating their own. Popular systems like Material Design, Kendo, SAP UI5, Bootstrap are just a few examples. This book will cover how to choose the right one and how to modify it. It will also explain how to do theming for popular libraries. Last, not least, it will explain how to build your own design system based on the atomic design principles and also BEM (Block-element-modifier). 

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Information Architecture was the first major buzzword in Web Design. It really changed the way we design websites and I was fortunate enough to meet and interview Clement Mok from Studio Archetype. He promoted that idea, even though he didn't invent it. Today, designers and companies still don't understand what it is, how it is done, and why it is important. In this book, I will explain everything and give a whole new perspective on how I think IA should be done. And how it greatly can speed up the development.

UX/UI Design

How to do UX/UI

Let me be brutally honest here: most companies these days have no idea how to incorporate UX/UI in their development workflow. And because of this, they are not getting the full benefit. From my experience, there is a way how the workflow should look like, if you want to work most efficiently. In this book I want to cover this, so that Designers and Companies have a blueprint, how to set it up for their team. 

A few of the books that I have written

From Illustrator to Photoshop, from Print to Web Design: for over a decade I was Germanys most popular and well-known author on Desktop Publishing. At one point I had three book titles in the top ten sales charts – at the same time! Later, when the WWW became popular, I wrote one of the first books on how to design for it, using Photoshop. It became my absolut best-selling book, being translated into almost ten languages and being sold in twenty countries. 

Web Design with Photoshop 7 - Flipbook

I designed all my books myself, simply because I wanted my books to push the design evenlope. Having designed magazines for many years, my goal was to bring magazine design to computer books. One of my readers told me, that normally he throws computer books away when they are outdated, but he could not part with my books. Here is the complete book online for the first time as a flip book. 

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